Dietrich Lab

The Dietrich Lab welcomes any person to apply for a position in our team. We believe in diversity for excellence. We stimulate minorities and underrepresented groups to apply to our lab. We also stimulate international applicants to apply for positions in our main lab at Yale University and in our seedLabs.

Join our Lab

We seek motivated and passionate investigators. In addition to posted positions, we always welcome applications from strong candidates.

» Postdoctoral associates «

Candidates should send an email to with the following materials attached as a single PDF file:  (1) A cover letter (no longer than 2 pages) describing past and future research projects and career goals. Also describe whether you are planning to apply for postdoctoral fellowships to support your stay at Yale (please, include names of the Foundations/Institutions you are planning to apply). (2) A document (no longer than 1 page) describing your expectations from the Dietrich Lab and how you hope to contribute to our lab. (3) Your CV. (4) Contact of 3 references (name, affiliation, phone and email). Please, also describe briefly your connection with the reference.

» Graduate and Medical Students «

If you are looking for a lab, please send an email to and we can set up a time to meet and discuss common interests. Yale graduate students are always welcome to rotate in our lab. If you are planning to apply to Yale, please check my affiliations in the 'People' page to plan where to apply.

Visitor students from other graduate schools, including other countries, are always welcome to join our lab. Applications will be considered on an individual basis.

» Undergraduate Students «
We welcome undergraduate students to join our lab. Please send an email to describing briefly why you would like to join our lab and for how long. We can then set up a time to talk. Visiting undergraduate students from other countries are also welcome to join our lab.  

» Other Applicants «
If you are interested in joining our lab, please send an email to describing your current position, why you would like to join the lab and for how long. We can then find out the best opportunities for you.