Initiatives to provide training and education to the next generation of scientists

Together with collaborators in my alma matter, we have developed over the last many years a series of initiatives in Brazil to promote scientific education and training to young aspiring scientists. Currently, these initiatives have 4 flavors:

1. Opportunities Blog: we started a blog to post opportunities for latin american students to receive training in internationally competitive environments. The goal is to improve matching between PIs around the world that are seeking talented young scientists and latin american young trainees that are insulated from the major scientific hubs.

2. Advanced Studies in Neurosciences: the School for Advanced Studies in Neurosciences is an initiative to not only provide high-class lectures to Latin American students, but also to allow for a deep interaction among attendees and researchers from the best research institutes in the world. The format includes plenary talks, students presentations, and rounds of discussion with selected speakers. Students are encouraged to be close to the investigators, which facilitates questioning, discussion and  networking. More information can be found in

3. Seminars in Neuroscience: this is an annual international symposium which aims to create a local culture of gathering Latin American students and motivated young investigators from the world top universities to discuss current state-of-the-art work in the neurosciences. The interactive format of the seminars stimulates students who aim to pursue a career abroad to be in close contact with the speakers.

4. seedLab: there are many gifted students from less privileged places that do not have the opportunity to join international institutions to receive proper training or to 'build' a traditional academic CV. With this idea in mind, we started a project named 'seedLab' in which we provide training to Latin American students. The lab functions as an incubator to later give an opportunity for talented students to obtain further training abroad. 

More information about all these initiatives can be found here:

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