Dietrich Lab

We believe in the scientific discovery. We believe in team play. We believe in strong mentorship. We believe and stimulate the process that leads to a new discovery...

In early 2015, our lab published an article in Cell on the role of Agrp neurons in non-homeostatic related behaviors. We explained our findings to an artist and here is the result. While we believe the final result is a fine art piece, the process is at least equally relevant.

In our lab, we are interested in understanding the mechanisms underlying homeostasis and behavior mammals. We are also interested in educating the next generation of scientists based on strong work ethics and societal impact.

The image illustrates a mouse engaged in compulsive solving of the Magic Cube, the 3-D puzzle invented by the Hungarian sculptor Ernö Rubik. Art in watercolor by the Brazilian designer and illustrator Daniel Gnattali (2015).